Jonathan McLatchie, assistant profesor of biology at Sattler College, speaker, director of the Apologetics Academy


Wesley Huff is a most-needed voice in the church today. He is an erudite scholar, careful researcher, and articulate public communicator, with a winsome personality. His passion to train and equip others with knowledge relating to the evidences of the historic Christian faith, in particular as it relates to the reliability and textual integrity of the New Testament, is inspiring. His chief motivations are to clear away intellectual stumbling blocks that prevent people from responding to the gospel, and to prepare others to do the same. Wesley is also humble and gracious, exemplifying the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15’s instruction to defend the faith with ‘gentleness and respect’. I cannot recommend him highly enough to any church or organization wanting to stretch their thinking and equip themselves with answers to tough questions concerning the veracity of Biblical faith.