For Secular & Christian Audiences

Christian Worldview Analysis

Why am I a Christian? - A common objection I hear regarding my faith is that I am just a Christian because I was born in the western Christian world, to a western Christian family. Those facts however, are not only untrue, but is far from the reason why I believe what I believe.

The problem of pain, suffering, and uncertainty - This world is profoundly beautiful, yet deeply broken. If God is good then what about all the pain, suffering, and uncertainty that we encounter throughout our lives?

Uncovering Identity - We are social beings who desire and long for recognition from outside of ourselves. How do our inmost longings fit into the reality of our meaning, purpose, and destiny?

Do all religions lead to God? - Are all religions the same? Do all religions lead to God? Is it ignorant and wrong to claim that one religious perspective is in fact true?

Is tolerance intolerant? - Tolerance is a word we hear a lot as a value to be upheld in modern western society. But is tolerance even a good thing?

Scriptural Reliability

A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible - The Bible is the world’s number one bestseller every year that records are kept. What is it exactly that makes this ancient collection of books so popular and why does it continue to impact people’s lives today?

Can I Trust the Bible? - How do we know that the stories of Jesus in the Gospels are true? Some of the stories were written down decades after Jesus supposedly said those things, so how can we have confidence that these are trustworthy accounts?

Addressing Objections to Scripture - If you're looking for ways to critique the Bible there are seemingly endless options: “how can you trust a translation of a translation of a translation?” “The Bible is full of morally problematic stories!” “The Bible is full of contradictions!” This talk briefly addresses these issues (and more), and speaks to why, despite their frequency, the Christian scriptures continue to prevail.

Good News or Fake News:
Is what we have in our Bibles what the authors wrote back then?
- How can we trust our Bibles when there has been so much time between now and when the authors wrote the originals? Hasn’t the text been corrupted over all those years?

The Books that Didn’t Make the Bible - What about the other books that talk about Jesus in the following centuries like the Gnostic and “lost” Gospels? Did any of them have a shot at making it into the Bible?

How we got the Bible & how we got the Qur'an - Looking at the textual transmissions of books that sit at the heart of the world’s two largest religions.

Man, Myth, or More?: Did Jesus really exist? - What is the evidence that Jesus was an actual historical figure?

Man, Myth, or More?” Did Jesus really die? - What is the historical case for the death of Jesus in the way that the Gospels describe?

Man, Myth, or More?: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? - The Resurrection sits at the heart of the Christian faith, can we be certain historically that it did in fact happen?

For Christian Audiences

Loving God with our Minds - The Bible says that a component of the “greatest  commandment” is to love God with all of our minds. But what does this mean exactly and how do we go about doing that?

What do I do with my doubts? - At certain times in our faith journey we have doubt. Doubt our beliefs, doubt the the certainty in the faith we profess to follow, and doubt whether our future has any direction. Is it OK to doubt? What does the Christian worldview have to say about doubt and uncertainty?

What's your worldview? - How does the way we look at the world impact the way we interact with those around us? How does understanding the Christian worldview in light of others’s better help us live out the great commission?

How to talk about Jesus without sounding like an idiot (Apologetics 101) - How do we navigate effective spiritual conversations and be able to defend our faith without sounding defensive?

Answering & addressing Islam - How can we better understand what Islam teaches and what Muslims believe in order to interact and impact our Muslim friends, neighbours, and colleagues?

Debates / Dialogues

Is the Bible reliable? - Does the Bible stand up to academic scrutiny in its historical reliability, tenacity, and trustworthiness? Can it be shown that what we have now is what the original authors wrote back then and that the content is not only reliably transmitted but in fact, true?

The Bible and the Qur’an - Which of the world’s two largest religious worldviews can credibly say their work of Scripture is preserved, true, and a reliable source to ground their truth claims?

The doctrine of the Trinity - Can it be demonstrated that not only does the doctrine of the Trinity make sense logically, but that Christian Scripture does in fact teach this inherent belief? 

The historical Jesus - Did Jesus exist? Can the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth be quantified and proven with the reliable sources we have today and if so, can his purported sayings and deeds be trusted?

The Crucifixion - Is this essential event and biblical teaching a true? Can it be shown that the event of Jesus’s death on a cross took place and if so, what meaning does that hold?