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Inspired By God: The Reliability of the Scripture

  • Ezra Institute 76 Ridge Road West Grimsby, ON, L3M 4E7 Canada (map)

If you are looking for opportunities to critique the authenticity, reliability, and authority of Scripture there are seemingly endless ways. The western hemisphere is a post-Christian, post-truth, post-authority world and one of the main affronts on the Christian worldview is an attack on the trustworthiness of that which inspired by God. How is it that we can know that what we have now is what the original authors wrote thousands of years ago? How can we be confident in light of so many accusations of corruption and confusion? How do we stand on the Word of God as that which is God-breathed and the sole infallible rule of practice and faith for the church today? That and more is what will be addressed by Wesley in this particular session.